A Blend of (Cali)sthenics & W(eight) Training for Performance, Injury Prevention, Active Rehab & Overall Fitness! 

Building Active Lifestyles Through

Motivation, Confidence and Knowledge. 


What is Calieight Wellness?

Calieight, derived from Calisthenics and weight training, has become Victoria's leading youth wellness brand. At Calieight we embody the physical, psychological, social and cognitive development of sport performance.

Introduction to 

Weight Training

What Makes Calieight Unique?

Mobile Services

What makes Calieight so unique is my mobile business model! The only one for youth kinesiology in Victoria BC! I make sessions convenient for you! 

Athletes spend only 5% of their time training in a 168 hour week! How they spend the other 95% percent of their time is what can help make the difference, and will set them apart! 

With this convenient service, I can easily become a part of that 95%. My services can fit into your athletes regular schedule, keeping them strong, confident, and in the game longer! 

Sessions on Location

As of September 2020 my services have become even more flexible! If home-based sessions aren't for your family, you can now book your private, semi-private or group sessions on location! 

This has been a fantastic addition for athletes wanting to train with their team-mates! Semi-Private and Group sessions on location are a great way to socialize with friends in a new atmosphere! They will all have the opportunity to enhance their performance as a team, while having fun with Calieight challenges!

To help youth with fitness goals, big or small, successfully achieve and surpass them, using functional movement patterns as a fundamental base.


To become a part of every athletes success through injury prevention, to enhance performance and promote life long physical fitness.


Help people around the world to never physically doubt themselves, allowing the ability to push past their perceived abilities.