Embodying the overall vision of Calieight!

Meet the Squad

Ambassador Squad


These girls embody the mission, vision and values of Calieight Youth Wellness, they are the face of my business! Who is better to promote Calieight than the kids who believe in it so strongly! These girls are on my team to accentuate the color and positivity that my brand promotes. Each of them are brilliant little humans and phenomenal athletes!

As ambassadors for Calieight, they have opportunities to grow their abilities in public speaking through filmed interviews and hosting challenges! I regularly promote self-confidence for everyone I work with, and the girls will build theirs not only through great training sessions, but also through leadership roles for Calieight on a regular basis.

These little influencers are even models for my sports photography business! They have opportunities to model for companies that I have connected with such as Compression Leotard, Gym Gear and even Calieight itself! Because these girls train with me weekly, I can always trust their form and abilities will be correct for filming exercise videos that will eventually be uploaded to my Youtube channel!

And finally, the girls become little video stars! I host events for video content such as the paint war which is a great way for the whole team to socialize, feel amazing and HAVE FUN!

Thank you to Jayah, Alanna, Taylor, Paige, Mataeya, Callyn, Savannah and Marina for being such an amazing ambassador squad for the year 2020/2021. Stay tuned to see what these girls will bring your way for the rest of the year! 




Dead Lifts

Deadlifts strengthen so many muscles! Explosive deadlifts (quicker movement with a lighter weight) are meant to build explosiveness! they can help wo improve movement patterns in the lower body and jump height for athletes! This fantastic exercise also decreases the chances of hip and knee injuries in athletes!

Front Squats

The barbell front squat is a compound exercise that can enhance your core strength and improve flexibility! Overall, this movement can help you build powerful thighs and glutes, a strong lower back, and even a six pack!